Brydebúð in Vík is Myrdalur's culture center. This is an ideal stop for tourists, especially if there is little to see because of our special "Myrdalanian" rain and fog, although that can be an interesting sight too.

Brydebúð's main policy is to make the history and culture of the Vik area more visible by having various exhibitions. This is to maintain a cultural tourism in Myrdalur.

A good or a bad strand...?
An exhibition about the history of shipstrands in West - Skaftafellssýsla county from 1898 - 1982.

Designer: Björn G. Björnsson at List&Saga ehf.
Treatment: History of shipstrands of both icelandic and foreign ships on the south coast of Iceland. This exhibition should interest tourists as well as icelanders.
Open: This exhibition opened in the summer of 2001. It's open every day in the summer.

Mýrdalur - Life and nature
Björn G. Björnsson at List&Sögu ehf.
Some of Björn's other work:
The Njála exhibition in Hvolsvöllur's History center. The chrisitan exhibition at The National Culture House.
Treatment: This exhibition covers the history and nature of Mýrdalur. The volcano Katla is a big part of it.
Open: The exhibition opened in the summer of 2000. It is open every day in the summer.

Entrance fee: Ikr. 500,- pr. person

The information center handles selling tickets and guiding through the exhibitions